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In This Issue:

112 full-color pages with a glossy cover.

With Articles By:
Mike Greenly, Tim and Laura Battersby, Kama Ruby, Jimi Yamagishi, Wendy Loomis, Dr Richard Michelson, Susan Surftone, Ann Leighton, Christian Fabian, Gael MacGregor, Steve Pullara, Eileen Sherman, Grant Maloy Smith

Featured Interviews With:
Charles Denler, Keith Middleton, Kelly Hall-Tompkins

Dozens of IC Members Inside, Pictured or Mentioned:
Lyn Stanley, Peter Xifaras, Alexander Kariotis, Tess Remy-Schumacher, Lisa Coppola, Danaë Vlasse, Camille Zamora, Herschel Garfein, Jeff Hyman, LIRA, Ricky Persaud, Jr., The Bluestone Sisters, Natalie Jean, Gil Polk, COPUS, Frank Cisco Steel, Lady G!, Dana Cohenour, Kitt Wakeley, Ron Aprea, Ciro Hurtado, Jacopo Mazza, Ahmed Best, Devonte Harris, Sean Wright, Phyllcia Hill, Megan Parker, Luca Marcias, Sangeeta Kaur, Robert Thies, John Walz, Hila Plitmann, Wouter Kellerman, Matt Burgess, Steven F. Adams, Aoede, Ben Arrindell, Ban Banerjee, Gautam Banerjee, Mark Brown, Nona Brown, Peter Calandra, Kim Cameron, Dale Edward, Dana Cohenour, Graeme Dunn, Brent Fischer, Grayhawk, Susanne Grzanna, Monty Guy, Dana Halle, Joan Hammel, Sam Hankins, Sonya Hensley, Max Highstein, Yocontalie Jackson, Stephen John, Brian Kelly, Darlene Koldenhoven, Anaya, Curtis Macdonald, David Madonado, Mariel Morgan, Todd Mosby, MOTU, Nic Nassuet, Tri Nguyen, Alex Otey, Cecil Parker, Cindy Paulos, Sergio Pereira, EJ Ouelette, Martha Reich, Jon Samson, Seay, Kabir Sehgal, Dr Joshua Sherman, Nadia Shpachenko, Val Smalkin, Emilio Solla, Damian Wyldes, Annemarie Picerno, Juliet Lyons, Neddy Smith, Leti Garza, Dorie Pride, Noshir Mody, Trevor Sewell, Imran Ahmed, Jim Ottaway, Lou Caimano, Brenda Best, Ceasar Elloi, Ryan VanDenBoom, Shashika Mooruth, Pekka Lunde, Gail Bluestone, Yanna Fabian, Dino Bose, Bill Reid, Royal Kent, Brewer Shettles, Mike Surratt, plus all 100 participants in the official IC theme song video “We’ll Stay Together.”

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