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Article Submission Guidelines

We are always looking for well-written, original articles related the wide world of music, across all genres, cultures, races, genders — e.g., ALL peoples of the world. This includes the art of music itself, the creation and recording process, the performance of music, and the business of music. Articles that are accepted but which do not fit in an issue will be used in a future issue.
The Indie Collaborative will pay an honorarium of $25 to the writer for each article that we publish. If an article has more than one writer, a single honorarium will be paid to one of the writers, and the writers can decide how to divide it among themselves.
All articles are subject to editing before publication. Every effort will be made to share the edited content to the writer prior to publication, but the final wording and titling of an article is at the discretion of the editors. The writer’s byline will be credited with the article itself. A short bio of each writer will appear in the magazine, either with the article or in a separate section associated with the table of contents, at the discretion of the editor.
All writers must be members of the Indie Collaborative, and agree to have their profile shown on the Indie Collaborative website. Membership is free to qualified individuals in the music industry.
Articles, including any pictures or other elements submitted, must be original and not plagiarize any other works or sources. Writers agree to indemnify the Indie Collaborative and the editors of the magazine against any complaints or charges related to their submissions. Writers agree to sign an agreement to that effect in order to have their works published.
Submission of an article does not guarantee its publication.
You retain the copyright to your original work. By submitting it you are granting the Indie Collaborative a license to use it without restriction in our magazine, in print and on-line, forever. All articles will be credited with the author’s byline.
Submission Guidelines
Articles should be sent in one of these file formats only, please:
Apple Pages (.pages), Microsoft Word (.doc or .docx), Rich Text Format (.rtf), Plain Text (.txt)
Articles must be written in the English language.
There is no predetermined length, but most articles are between 500 and 1200 words.
The editor reserves the right to edit any article for content and length.
Please do NOT embed images or formatting into your article. Images and illustrations should be sent separately.
Please include detailed captions for the images within the body of your article, at the end.
Please ensure that you own any photographs, graphics or other assets submitted, or that they are free to publish commercially.
Please ensure that the article itself is your original work and does not infringe on the work of any other party.
Articles must not defame, libel or cast aspersions onto any person, group, organization or institution. We’re looking for positive, uplifting content.
Please use the CONTACT FORM and tell us what you have in mind for an article, to start a discussion with the editors.

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