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Radio Zenith With Daniela Celella

Be sure to tune into RADIO ZENITH MESSINA each Thursday afternoon when the dynamic radio host, Daniela Celella, spotlights two Indie Collaborative members and their different styles of music for her thousands of fans from Italy and New York. This internet music show also boasts a unique twist. Florence born DJ, Celella, conducts her interviews in both Italian and English! Very cool, indeed! Again, no worries, if you should tune in too late for a Thursday Indie Collaborative interview on RADIO ZENITH MESSINA. Sundays bring a repeat broadcast.

In New York: 100.9 and 98.9 FM
Worldwide streaming at

Interested in Appearing on Radio Zenith?
If you’re a registered member of the Indie Collaborative, you can apply to perform on the show using the form below.

106.3 FM “All In All” with Deborah Magone

Rocker Deborah Magone hosts a radio show on 106.3 FM in Rochester, and has been interviewing an Indie Collaborative artist every month. Hosted by Rochester’s own Deborah Magone – local Teacher, Reader, Mom, former host of Greenline TV, and Musical Artist. All in All is a show inclusive of ALL topics, and people of interest to ALL, local and global. Turn on, tune in and check it out! Thursdays from 4 – 5pm.

In Rochester: 106.3 FM
Worldwide streaming at

Interested in Appearing on ALL in ALL?
If you’re a registered member of the Indie Collaborative, you can apply to perform on the show using the form below.
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Apply Here

If you are a registered Indie Collaborative member and would like to be on the list for an interview on either of the stations above, please let us know using this form. There is a waiting list, but the best thing to do is add your name now!
Note - it is required to be a member of the Indie Collaborative and to have your profile shown on this site in order to be considered for radio interviews. Please insert the URL to your profile by going to your chapter page. Then click your name at the top of the page. Then copy the URL from your browser and paste it in here. The link will look something like this:

If you do not yet have a profile on this site, it is free and easy to have us add you! Please fill out the form on this page.

Who’s Been Interviewed So Far?

It’s a long list and it’s growing! Here are some of those who have been interviewed already by Daniela on Radio Zenith as well as Deborah Magone on Rochester Free Radio:
Alan Storeygard
Alex Otey
Arthur Jae
Ben Gundersheimer
Betsy Walter
Bruce Lev
Carol Albert
CC Bronson
Cecil Parker
Christina Gaudet
Ciro Hurtado
Danaë Vlasse
Darick Spears
David Longoria
Deborah Magone
Dennis Sy
Diane Durrett
Don Hart
Dorie Pride
Dree Paterson
Eileen Sherman
Elise Lebec
Eric Ramsey
Gail Bluestone
Grace Garland
Grant Maloy Smith
Gregorio Uribe
Herschel Garfein
Jerome Brooks, Jr.
Joanne Lazarro
Joaquin Torres
Jody Quine
John David Schrader
Kathryn Shipley
Katie Garibaldi
Kevin Lucas
Kevin Mackie
Laura Ainsworth
Laura Campisi
Leti Garza
Lisa Coppolla
Lisa Sniderman
Lou Caimano
Lynn Yew Evers
Markey Blue Band
Martha Reich
Max Highstein
Mia Moravis
Michael Peloso
Monte Stephens
Natalie Jean
Nicki Kris
Paul Marturano
Raveis - Kole
Ricky Kej
Ron Korb
Sid Whelan
Solomon King
Sonya Hensley
Stefanie Mariani
Suzanne Grzanna
Tom McCaffery (papa)
Toni Janotta
Trevor Sewell
Valerie Giglio
Vito Gregoli
Wendy Loomis
Yocontalie Jackson

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