Sparking Collaborations Among Indie Musicians



THIS IS NOT A COMPLETE LIST OF OUR MEMBERS. Of our nearly 2000 members, so far roughly 400 of them have elected to have their profiles shown on our website. Here they are listed alphabetically by last name. Clicking one will lead to their profile on their Chapter page.

Want to Participate in a Leadership Role?

We’re looking for local Indie Collaborative governors to coordinate activities in your area and help to build the community of indie artists and industry professionals. If you’re interested in being a governor in an area not already listed below, please let us know!
J-Metro / Jimmie Moore Jr.
Kelly Triplett
Kelly Triplett
Cindy Hughlett
Cindy Hughlett
TX West
Val Smalkin
Val Smalkin
MD Baltimore
Yocontalie Jackson
Yocontalie Jackson
NJ Southern
Kevin Stratton
Kevin Stratton
AZ Central
Suzanne Grzanna
Suzanne Grzanna
WI Milwaukee
Kim Cameron
Kim Cameron
FL South
Betsy Walter
Betsy Walter
TN Nashville
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Grant Maloy Smith
Rhode Island
Stacks Image 174466
Wendy Loomis
CA San Francisco
Stacks Image 174470
Eileen Sherman
NY New York City
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Kathryn Shipley
MO East
Stacks Image 174497
Dana Cohenour
WA Western
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Kitt Wakeley
OK Central
Stacks Image 174507
Richard Paul Thomas
TX Central
  • Hold occasional local get-togethers of your region’s members (once or twice/year)
  • Helping to get participants to attend the events
  • Encouraging local indie musicians and service providers to join the Indie Collaborative

  • Must be willing to have fun and expand your network of friends and colleagues within the indie music community.

Are you interested in acting as a local governor for your area? If so, please send a message using the contact form.

Note - Indie Collaborative events are in no way associated with the Recording Academy or The Grammys®
We do not have events when Grammy voting is going on
We do not allow FYC posts or commercial posts in our Facebook group
There is no requirement to be a member of NARAS or LARAS in order to join the Indie Collaborative
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