Sparking Collaborations Among Indie Musicians


Event 1 - New York City June 8, 2015 The Drama League

Catherine Marie Charlton • Diane Durett • Christina Gaudet • Janice Kephart • Gera Clark & Tom Dubas • Melissa Fielding • Paul Avgerinos • Ron Aprea • Alexander Kariotis • Greg Kocis • Shane • Heidi Breyer • Lisa Copolla • Mark Bazerman • Melissa Bailey • Cecil Parker • Mike Greenly • Michael Gallant • Rachel Rossos • Stacey Sherman • David Longoria • Johnny Koenig • Thomas Hutchings • Julia Santana • Grant Maloy Smith • Eileen Sherman • Linda Chorney • Mia Moravis • Tony Finno • Neddy Smith • Paul Marturano • Herschel Garfein • Heather Johnson • James Popik • Jennifer Zulli • Robin Tricker

Your Hosts

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Grant Maloy Smith
IC co-founder, emcee
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Eileen Sherman
IC co-founder, emcee


Will Be Posted When Available

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