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Benjamin Lerner

Benjamin Lerner's great grandfather is Irving Berlin, who wrote “God Bless America”. A musical prodigy, Benjamin was playing full classical piano concerts at a young age. But by his early twenties, he was an IV heroin and crack cocaine addict. Now he's been sober for 3+ years. He expresses his struggle through word and song. His original music combines classical piano compositions and rap. His first full album is planned for release in 2020.
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Talent: Composer; Performer; Songwriter; Writer
Genre: Classical; Hip-hop; Rap

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Max Pagnucco

Max is a rising senior at the University of Rochester studying Audio and Music Engineering. He has worked as a recording, mixing, and mastering engineer on many projects for both school and personal projects in the university's professional-grade recording studios...
Talent: Engineer; Engineer, Live Sound
Genre: Folk

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Joshua Sherman

Joshua Sherman is the president of Joshua Sherman Productions, owner/founder of Old Mill Road Recording (2020 TEC Award Nominee for Studio Design), and owner/publisher of VERMONT Magazine, STRATTON Magazine, Manchester Life, and Vermont News Guide. He has produced dozens of tracks featuring Broadway's greatest talent. Trained in both the arts and sciences, Joshua is also a practicing M.D. with a focus on patient advocacy, recently named by VERMONT BUSINESS MAGAZINE as a 2019 RISING STAR, and is a GRAMMY® voter.
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Talent: Producer (Live Shows); Producer (Music); Producer (Theatre)
Genre: American Roots; Hip-Hop; Musical Theatre; R&B; Rap

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