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Pennsylvania - Lehigh Valley (Easton, Bethlehem, Allentown)

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Gloria Domina

Gloria is a Grammy® winning music producer. An artist herself, she has won numerous awards including local, state and national Woman of the Year, and has been recognized by local and state representatives, mayors and the governor of Pennsylvania. She’s the founder of 13 Butterflies - an organization dedicated to bringing music and art to the community via showcases, events, and private parties…
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Talent: Vocalist, Producer
Genre: Children’s

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Ann Thatcher

The Balcony Show is a platform for independent artists to get their music heard. The Balcony Show brings you “The best in independent music”! Ann Thatcher is a host on this station…
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Talent: DJ/Host (radio)
Genre: American Roots; Blues; Country; Folk; Jazz; Pop; R&B; Rock; World

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