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Next Event: Annual Indie Collab CONFERENCE in New York City!

WHEN AND WHERE: August 28, 2017 @ The Bitter End in Greenwich Village
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After you order your ticket(s) you can also apply to perform. Slots are limited so we can’t guarantee a slot to everyone who applies. Thanks for your understanding! There are two performance sessions: 1-4 PM and 7:10:30 PM
Performers will be assigned by lottery to a slot, to keep it fair.
50 slots available for performing or speaking are sold - but we’ve got TONS more tickets available to attend and cheer on your fellow indies and friends. PLUS we’re going to try and have a jam at the end, so you might still get up on the stage. There’s food and drink available at the venue starting at 7pm, and plenty of opportunities for networking and fun all day.

Every person needs a ticket, including accompanists, managers, spouses, friends, etc. We don’t have any comp tickets available. The Bitter End expects each person to buy two drinks, but they don’t have to be alcohol (they offer soft drinks and bottled water as well).

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