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The Indie Collaborative is a group of like-minded songwriters, singers, lyricists, instrumentalists, producers, and other music creators. We are all indies, and we love to meet and spark new collaborations. We support each other in the most positive way possible - by sharing our art. NOTE - this is not a Facebook group for promotion or commerce - This group is related to Indie Collaborative Events, sharing each other’s art, and sharing info about the art and science of music.

Note also that this group is not connected to the Grammys in any way. We specifically avoid holding any events during the voting season.

FYC posts, or those which are purely promotional, or which are commercial in nature (i.e., requesting the reader to buy something), should not be put in this group page. Posts here should be about A) Things of general interest to we indies (could be about royalties, or industry trends, legislation related to music and music makers, etc. B) Items related to music itself (the art, science or humor of it), and C) Indie Collab events. If your post doesn't touch pretty clearly on A, B, or C, then it probably belongs on another group's pages.

Finally, posts in our group should never be hateful or biased against others. There's already enough of that in the world, and our group intends to be a safe space where ideas and friendship can be shared openly and without fear.

We will delete posts that violate the charter as described here. Violators will be warned, and then removed if they refuse to respect the point and purpose of this group.

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