The Indie Collaborative ℠

Sparking Collaborations Among Indie Musicians

Pictures from the Philly indie collaborative event, May 2, 2016
Alex Mitnick2.jpg
Alex Otey Catherine and Hershcel.jpg
Alex Otey Wouter and Dennis.jpg
Alex Otey.jpg
Alex Otey2.jpg
Catherine Marie Charlton2.jpg
Catherine Marie Charlton3.jpg
Cecil Grant and Lore.jpg
Cecil Grant and Lore1.jpg
Cecil Grant and Lore2.jpg
Cecil Grant and Lore3.jpg
Cecil Grant and Lore4.jpg
Cosby Gibson1.jpg
Cosby Gibson2.jpg
David S Goldman1.jpg
Dennis Sy_001.jpg
Elaine Romanelli1.jpg
Grant and Eileen1.jpg
Grant and Eileen2.jpg
Grant playing.jpg
Grant playing1.jpg
Grant playing2.jpg
Grant playing3.jpg
Gregoria Uribe1.jpg
Gregoria Uribe2.jpg
Herschel Garfein1.jpg
James Popik and Lore.jpg
James Popik and Lore1.jpg
James Popik and Lore2.jpg
Kevin and Amy Otey.jpg
Lauren Marsh.jpg
Lauren Marsh1.jpg
Linda Nelson1.jpg
Lynn Yew Evers and Wouter.jpg
Lynn Yew Evers and Wouter1.jpg
Lynn Yew Evers and Wouter2.jpg
Neddy Smith_001.jpg
Pat Foran1.jpg
Pat Foran2.jpg
Paul Marturano1.jpg
Star Garden_001.jpg
Star Garden_002.jpg
Stella Crispo1.jpg
Steve Pullara1.jpg
Steve Pullara2.jpg
Steve Pullara3.jpg
Ted Nash1.jpg
Tim Farrell1.jpg