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Sparking Collaborations Among Indie Musicians

Pictures from the NY indie collaborative event, February 14, 2016
kulaks woodshed.jpg
Annette Conlon.png
Annie Calder.png
Catherine Marie Charlton featuring Jeff Oster.png
D Edward.png
Genevieve Birchman.png
George Varghese.png
Katie Garibaldi.png
Mia Moravis featuring Grant Maloy Smith and Trevor Sewell.png
Mia Moravis featuring Grant Maloy Smith.png
Trevor Sewell.png
Stef Mariani.png
Tom Peters.png
David Maldonado.png
Doug Conlon.png
Elaine Romanelli.png
Gera and Tom.png
Grant Maloy Smith with Jody and David.png
Grant with Jody and David.png
Group line up.png
Indie Collab 2-14-16 large.png
JC and Laney.png
Jody Quine.png
Katie Garibaldi2.png
Linda Chorney2.png
Linda Chorney.png
Monty Guy.png
Saul Paul.png