Sparking Collaborations Among Indie Musicians


Event 8 - Hollywood February 9, 2017 Kulak’s Woodshed

Eileen Sherman • Ted Nash • Rondi Marsh• Patrick Pulver • Carol Albert • Toni Janotta • D. Edward • Annette Conlon & Doug Conlon • Joanne Lazzaro • Charles Lowrey • Steve Ryan • Catherine Marie Charlton • Valerie Giglio • Dave Kinnoin • Katie Perkins • Mark Etheredge • Nature Ganganbaigal • Neddy Smith • Richard Paul Thomas • Richard Byford • Genevieve Birchman • Wendy Loomis • Diane Durrett • Darick Spears (DDS) • Seay • Bruce Lev • Tommy Morrison • Saul Paul • Grant Maloy Smith

Your Hosts

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Grant Maloy Smith
IC co-founder, emcee
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Eileen Sherman
IC co-founder, emcee


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