Sparking Collaborations Among Indie Musicians

Event 16 - North Hollywood January 25, 2020 El Portal Theater

The Performers

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Carol Albert
Stacks Image 174313
Amelia Blake and Dan Garner
Stacks Image 174315
Jeffrey Hyman
Stacks Image 174317
Wouter Kellerman
Stacks Image 174326
Kevin Lucas
Stacks Image 174331
Stef Mariani
Stacks Image 174455
Bobby Messano
Stacks Image 174341
Keith Middleton
Stacks Image 174457
Lonnie Park
Stacks Image 174352
Jonathan Perry
Annemarie Picerno
Stacks Image 174362
Johnny Ryan
Stacks Image 174368
Suzanne Jamieson
Stacks Image 174373
Lyn Stanley
Stacks Image 174378
TJ Troy
Stacks Image 174383
Stacks Image 174389
Danae Vlasse
Stacks Image 174394
Wendy Morgan
Stacks Image 174399
Damian Wlydes
Stacks Image 174516
Stacks Image 174521
Peter Janson

Your Hosts

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Grant Maloy Smith
IC co-founder, emcee
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Eileen Sherman
IC co-founder, emcee

Accompanists & Other Performers

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Flau Shah
Mark Bassett
Stacks Image 174445
Sangeeta Kaur
Stacks Image 174450
Robert Thies
Stacks Image 174491
Bob Malone
Stacks Image 174496
Hila Plitman
Stacks Image 174501
D. Edward
Stacks Image 174510
Alex Otey


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Here is the official poster from Showcase #16.
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