Sparking Collaborations Among Indie Musicians


Event 11 - New York City January 27, 2018 Feinstein’s 54/Below

Trevor Sewell • Leti Garza • Grant Maloy Smith • George Varghese • Katie Garibaldi • Kim Cameron • Tania Stavreva • Lou Caimano • Lynn Yew Evers • David S Goldman • EJ Ouellette • Helen O’Shea • Gregorio Uribe • COPUS • DDS • SaulPaul • Johnny Kantreed • Gina Lenée • Wouter Kellerman • Rory Gardiner • Mike Greenly • Martha Reich

The Performers

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Trevor Sewell
Stacks Image 174313
Leti Garza
Stacks Image 174315
Grant Maloy Smith
Stacks Image 174317
George Varghese
Stacks Image 174331
Katie Garibaldi
Stacks Image 174494
Kim Cameron
Stacks Image 174455
Tania Stavreva
Stacks Image 174341
Lou Caimano
Stacks Image 174474
Lynn Yew Evers
Stacks Image 174326
David S. Goldman
Stacks Image 174484
EJ Ouelette
Stacks Image 174479
Helen O’Shea
Stacks Image 174368
Gregorio Uribe
Stacks Image 174410
Wendy Loomis / COPUS
Stacks Image 174378
Stacks Image 174383
Stacks Image 174389
Johnny Kantreed
Stacks Image 174394
Gina Leneé
Stacks Image 174399
Wouter Kellerman
Stacks Image 174404
Rory Gardiner
Stacks Image 174415
Mike Greenly
Stacks Image 174463
Martha Reich

Your Hosts

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Grant Maloy Smith
IC co-founder, emcee
Stacks Image 174511
Eileen Sherman
IC co-founder, emcee

Accompanists & Other Performers

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Mia Moravis
Stacks Image 174469
Alex Otey


Will Be Posted When Available

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