The Indie Collaborative ℠

Sparking Collaborations Among Indie Musicians

Pictures from the Atlanta indie collaborative event, August 29, 2016
IMGSeay - Diane Seay Dorie.jpg
IMGSeay Cinamon.jpg
IMGSeay Grant1.jpg
IMGSeay Grant2.jpg
IMGSeay Grant3.jpg
IMGSeay Group.jpg
IMGSeay Jake Glenn.jpg
IMGSeay Jim Combs and Seay.jpg
IMGSeay Katie Belle.jpg
IMGSeay MLN.jpg
IMGSeay Tanya.jpg
Alexis Carol and Dorie.jpg
Carol and Trammel.jpg
Carol Trammel Cinamon.jpg
Diane and MLN.jpg
IMG_3416 Empty Stage.jpg
IMG_3416 Grant.jpg
IMG_3418 Grant Stephie Rae Kelly.jpg
IMG_3419 Grant Stephie Rae Kelly.jpg
IMG_3421 Group.jpg
IMG_3422 Alexis Vear.jpg
IMG_3423 Betsy Walter (Yoel).jpg
IMG_3423 Betsy Walter.jpg
IMG_3424 Ted Nash.jpg
IMG_3426 Carol Albert.jpg
IMG_3427 Don Hart.jpg
IMG_3429 Diane Durrett and Yoel.jpg
IMG_3430 Little Johnny Kantreed (Yoel).jpg
IMG_3430 Little Johnny Kantreed.jpg
IMG_3431 Dorie Pride and Kamau.jpg
IMG_3432 Dorie Pride and Kamau.jpg
IMG_3433 Katie Belle.jpg
IMG_3434 Katie Belle (Yoel).jpg
IMG_3434 Katie Belle.jpg
IMG_6717 Jake Glenn.jpg
IMG_6718 Jake Glenn.jpg
IMG_6720 Kelly Triplett.jpg
IMG_6721 Kristen Lee Sergeant.jpg
IMG_6722 Kristen Lee Sergeant.jpg
IMG_6723 Room.jpg
IMG_6724 MLN.jpg
IMG_6725 MLN.jpg
IMG_6726 Seay Jules (Yoel).jpg
IMG_6726 Seay Jules.jpg
IMG_6727 Seay.jpg
IMG_6731 Jules.jpg
IMG_6732 Cinamon.jpg
IMG_6733 Cinamon (Yoel).jpg
IMG_6733 Cinamon.jpg
IMG_6734 Tanya Diaz (Yoel).jpg
IMG_6734 Tanya Diaz.jpg
IMG_6735 Eileen.jpg
IMG_6737 Eileen.jpg
Yoel and Carol.jpg
Yoel and MLN.jpg