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Welcome To The Indie Collaborative!

Who Are We?
The Indie Collaborative (IC) was founded in 2015 to be the vehicle by which independent musicians and industry professionals could find each other, and form lasting bonds of friendship. We manage our events and public information here on this website and on our public Facebook page … but we also have a MEMBERS-ONLY private Facebook group that provides real-time communication among our members.

What Do We Do?
Using our website and social media platforms, our members can find collaborators to write or perform with, anywhere in the world. In addition, we have events a few times each year where we meet in person. We put on several kinds of events. There are showcases, where 20+ of our members can perform for each other in 5 minute blocks - anything they want! Then there are curated shows that we fully produce, again with our members, but which are intended for the public to attend. Then there are chapter meetings and social events from time to time where we can simply meet and exchange ideas and friendship. Countless collaborations have occurred as a result of the IC: a lyricist finds the composer he’s looking for, or a vocalist finds the songwriter or accompanist she needs. It’s a long list of successful collaborations.

Other Benefits
In addition to the above, our members have the opportunity to appear on the radio programs that we have partnered with in the USA and Europe, to spread the word about their music. And our members can have their profiles shown on this website, to help them get more activity on their own websites and social media, and to enhance their credibility in the industry.

What Does It Cost to Be a Member?
Nothing. There is no cost to join the IC, come into our private Facebook group, attend our social events, and have your profile on our website. The only thing we charge for is tickets to our showcases and curated concerts, because we have to pay the venue.

Do We Have Awards or Contests?
No. We don’t believe that art should be a competition. The business of music is tough, to be sure. We exist to support independent musicians in their quest to achieve their goals, not to pit them against each other. Some contests ostensibly about music often become more about money, popularity or politics. That’t not what we’re about.

What Are the Requirements for Membership?
We don’t care if you have 10 albums out or you’re working on your first one. You don’t need to be a member of any other organization in order to join the IC. But you must be serious about music … or the business of music (if you work in the industry but not as a writer or performer).

Who Are Our Members?
They are songwriters, lyricists, composers, performers, record producers, promoters, talent buyers, radio hosts, album design artists, photographers, dancers, and more. Our members run the gamut of genres from classical to jazz, rock, country, hip-hop, rock, regional roots, latin … all of them! Our members range widely from people just beginning their careers to those who have won multiple Grammys®, Emmys®, Tonys® and more. It’s an inclusive group that is held together by a shared love of music in all of its facets.

Please Join Us Today!
If you’re an INDIE musician or music industry professional, please JOIN US today and be a part of our mission! Please also join our private Facebook group and follow our twitter pages (social media links are at the bottom of most pages). You must be a member before you can join the Facebook Group. There is NO cost to become a member of the Indie Collaborative, so please join today!

Eileen Sherman and Grant Maloy Smith
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Eileen Sherman and Grant Maloy Smith, co-founders
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Next Events
2020-DEC-9 - Lincoln Center, New York City
(Curated Show TBA)

2021-01-30 Los Angeles
(Showcase TBA)

2021-APR-7 - Carnegie Hall, New York City
(Curated Show)

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Read More About Us In The Press

This article from the Huffington Post explains it all - please check it out!
Click here to read the article on the Huffington Post website
Or click here to read it on this website, on our Press page.

Official IC Artist Emblem

Here are two graphics you can add to your concert posters, album covers, liner notes, and even your websites. You must have joined the Indie Collaborative using the link on this site to use these graphics. Please wear your IC membership with pride and help spread the word.
Version 1: Transparent PNG, suitable to white or light backgrounds
Version 2: Transparent PNG, suitable to black or dark backgrounds

Traveling with Musical Instruments

A vitally important issue with many indie music professionals is traveling with their precious musical instruments. We suggest that you print these documents and carry them with you when traveling by AIR - especially the final ruling. Not all airlines gate people are aware of these new rules! (PDF files will open in a new window or tab)
  • FINAL RULING on air travel with musical instruments - simple version PDF file
  • FINAL RULING on air travel with musical instruments - detailed version PDF file
  • FAQ about the final ruling - PDF file
  • DOT tip sheet for musicians - PDF file
  • And here’s a link to the official US Government website where you can access whatever you like:
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Photo © 2015 Grant Maloy Smith

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