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Sparking Collaborations Among Indie Musicians

The Indie Collaborative

We succeed most and our music flourishes best through a collaborative effort. That often means writing/ producing/ performing together, sharing information, attending each others' concerts, turning to each other for business, marketing, and artistic advice, and supporting one another. Our goal is to provide a meaningful and fun networking experience. Each hour will include time for "informal chatting," as well as an opportunity for attendees to formally address the group about who they are, what they do, and what needs they may have.

If you’re an INDIE musician or music industry professional, please JOIN US today and be a part of our mission! Please also join our private Facebook group and follow our twitter pages (social media links are at the bottom of most pages)

Eileen Sherman and Grant Maloy Smith
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2018: August 25 - San Francisco
2019: February 8 - Los Angeles
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Eileen Sherman and Grant Maloy Smith, co-founders
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Indie Collab Mixer Jan 28 2018 New York City
More than 100 of us gathered in NYC before the Grammys on 28 January 2018

Who Are We and What Do We Do?

This article from the Huffington Post explains it all - please check it out!

Click here to read the article on the Huffington Post website

Or click here to read it on this website, on our Press page.

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Common Questions and Answers

    Can I play a backing track? Can I simply play an example of my work instead of performing it live?
    No, sorry. We used to allow that, but it caused a lot of delays and hang-ups, so we stopped it and require that you do whatever you’re going to do, “live” and without anything prerecorded. We’re basically all musicians, and we want to see and hear what we can do live without anything prerecorded. Some of the most powerful performances we’ve seen were rappers who totally free-styled without any backing track, for example. Or a lyricist simply reading one of her lyrics. If you have something that you want everyone to experience, bring CDs or download cards and hand them out to everyone!

    Can I play a video behind me?
    Same for videos, for the same reason as above. Also you can hand out youtube links, CDs, DVDs… anything that you want to give away to the participants.
    Is the Indie Collab Connected to NARAS / The Grammys® ?
    No - there is no connection between the Indie Collaborative and NARAS (The Grammys®). Members of the Indie Collaborative may or may not even be voting members of NARAS. And to avoid even the appearance of impropriety, we specifically do NOT have any Indie Collaborative events during any time when Grammy voting is open. In keeping with NARAS traditions, we don’t allow anyone to ASK for votes at our events or within our Facebook group. We respect NARAS too much to allow anything to go on that would violate the letter or spirit of their rules. The best prevention is to simply not have any events at any time when voting is open, so that’s why we organize our events around that calendar.

    FYC (for your consideration) posts are specifically not allowed in our Facebook group. There are plenty of other groups where you can do that, and we don’t want the Indie Collaborative Facebook group to turn into just another place for FYC posts. Our group is about musicians collaborating and sharing their work with other musicians, not FYC promotion per se. Thank you for your understanding.

    Can I hand out my CD or download cards to the other participants at Indie Collab events?
    Absolutely. Bring as many as you want to give away. Most Indie Collab events have typically anywhere from 40 to 75 people. You can bring as few or many as you like.
    Can I bring along a friend / spouse / manager?
    You may bring guests and up to two accompanists, but every person who enters needs a paid ticket. This includes guests and accompanists. Note that to keep setup times to a minimum, only two accompanists maximum per performer are allowed.

    Each person should register using the form. And then each person needs a paid admission.

    Performers need to order ONE performance ticket. Each guest or accompanist needs to order one attendee ticket.
    Accompanists should NOT order a performance ticket: but rather they should order an attendee ticket.
    How much time do I get? I have a setup that takes about 5 minutes
    You get 5 minutes total including setup. If you use all your time for setup, then you won’t have any time to perform. The whole point of this is to show your fellow musicians and music professionals what you’re all about, not to do an elaborate performance.

    How much setup time do I have?
    Each person gets 5 total minutes, and that includes setup time and saying whatever you want to the crowd. This is why simple setups are the best - walk up, plug in and play, and get the most from your 5 minutes.

    Can I buy more than one slot for performing?
    No, out of fairness to everyone, we can’t allow that.
    if I buy a performance slot, do I also have to buy a attendee slot?
    No - the performance slot includes your attendance. However, if you are bringing a guest or accompanist, each of them needs a paid attendee ticket.

    Can I sell my CD at the event?
    No - but you can give away CDs and download cards if you want to.

    Does the Indie Collaborative make a profit from these events?
    Nope. We haven’t even broken even yet. We do it because we love bringing artists together.
    Are food and drink provided?
    This varies according to the venue. In some cases the venue has no capacity for providing it, so we will provide water bottles and light snacks. Other venues offer food and drink which you can pay for, if you like. We will make it known in the case of each venue what the situation with food/drink is.

    Is alcohol allowed?
    Only if purchased from a venue that legally sells it. Please don’t bring your own.
    Some people prefer to simply talk to the crowd using the provided mic and PA, to let everyone know what they do / what they’re working on. They may be a composer looking for a lyricist, or vice versa. They might be a songwriter looking for an arranger or producer, etc.
    Sometimes people want to read a poem or lyric that they’ve written - this is also fine.

    Others prefer to demonstrate what they do by picking up a guitar or using the keyboard and playing and singing. Or simply playing, if they are instrumentalists.

    Musical performances can be solo or with one or two (max) accompanists. The best performances are the simplest ones. As noted, there isn’t time for elaborate setups anyway, so this means that you need to keep it simple and acoustic in nature. LESS IS MORE. Anyone can go into a studio and do just about anything - your peers want to hear what you can do.
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    How Did the Indie Collaborative Start? How Long Has it Been Around?
    Great question! We’ve written this up and made it into a PDF file for you to read at your leisure.
    Are Grant and Eileen married?
    Yes, but not to each other! They are simply two friends who created the Indie Collaborative.

    Traveling with Musical Instruments

    A vitally important issue with many indie music professionals is traveling by air with their precious musical instruments. We suggest that you print these documents and carry them with you when traveling by air - especially the final ruling. Not all airlines gate people are aware of these new rules! (PDF files will open in a new window or tab)
    • FINAL RULING on air travel with musical instruments - simple version PDF file
    • FINAL RULING on air travel with musical instruments - detailed version PDF file
    • FAQ about the final ruling - PDF file
    • DOT tip sheet for musicians - PDF file
    • And here’s a link to the official US Government website where you can access whatever you like:
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